Cikini Raya – Kramat Raya Pedestrian Walkway Revitalization

Urban Redevelopment

This project put together ideas to illustrate the possibilities of making pedestrian sidewalk a place for citizens to experience and enjoy also further improve walking experience by providing activities and green plants and shrubs. Also to bring in activities to enliven event spaces along sidewalk, activities range from arts and entertainment event to food & beverage pop-ups.



The features are 100 m pedestrian sidewalk that express art & creativity, new transit plaza to Cikini Station, new designated Transjakarta bus stop and complete street elements stretching along 7 km with guiding tactiles, bollards, benches and way finding.

Our vision is to highlight and cultivate Cikini Kramat Raya Identity as a neighbourhood with a strong arts and artisanal avour.


LocationCentral Jakarta

ClientPT Sarana Anugerah Perdana

Project Details