Cawang – Dukuh Atas (Adhi Karya LRT Line) Pedestrian Walkway Visioning & Conceptual Plan

Urban Redevelopment

Visioning and concept plan for the upcoming Adhi Karya LRT line from Cawang Station to Dukuh Station with total length 11 km. A new way of creating a vision and concept plan was achieved by measuring and dividing existing condition using the 12 public space quality criteria by Jan Gehl. By doing so we can have a more specific baseline condition especially need of the place.

The main principle is to create a framework and design strategies that based on connectivity, accessibility, human scale and various activities.



A transit corridor that deliver seamless connection to LRT Station, enjoyable experience and activities on sidewalk, and greenery and amenities providing comfort and security.



ClientAdhi Karya

Project Details