HK Trip 2017

November 2017

Urban+ is a design studio focus on urban design, planning, architecture, landscape and advisory to the government authorities and private sector in handling the urban development and reshaping the cities throughout Indonesia and Asia. Formed by the leading urban designers in Asia Sibarani Sofian and Ardzuna Sinaga in 2004 as a small studio with the name U+D Studio, currently re-established as Urban+ has been transforming itself and the key people within it to become the leader of urban design services broadly in Southeast Asia.

Initially work together with several mayor consultant in the field – EDAW, HOK, TAK and AECOM – the studio has been proven as an agile, creative and professionally reputable in handling planning and design issues on any type of development landscape throughout Southeast Asia, China and Middle East for the last 10 years. Our key people had been involved in any strategic design movement that shaped the urban situation in many places in Asia from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Dubai, Bahrain including several cities in China.

From the vision creation to the design execution up to the city planning advisory, Urban+ now continuing the effort to make a better urban situation and city development in some cities in Indonesia. Assisting several City Leader in the strategic movement and planning including Ridwan Kamil (Bandung City Mayor), Arya Bima (Bogor City Mayor) and also Dinas Bina Marga DKI Jakarta in the effort of city betterment and planning, the key person or Urban+ pursuits of ideal city situation will keep continuous in the future.

By introducing the communication platform between the developer from the business side with the City Leaders and the authorities plus the advisory and training by the team, we believe to keep achieving higher stepping stone to reach our goals of making good cities and great places as the ideal environment to live.