Gateway to Flores: The Cultural Hills of Labuan Bajo

Resort and Landscape Design Guideline

The small town of Labuan Bajo was formerly known as a dry fish supply area for the mountainous Manggarai region, including the town of Ruteng which is the seat of the Manggarai Regency government and is very far from the coastline. Now Labuan Bajo is getting ready to become a premium tourist destination as its exotic reputation began to be recognized around the world .



The acceleration of tourism development in Labuan Bajo-Flores is under the responsibility of the Labuan Bajo Flores Tourism Authority Agency (BOPLBF). An area of approximately 400 ha will be developed to become a tourist destination. In collaboration with NUA, URBAN+ conducted a site study and design the master plan which consists of a vision statement,  a structure plan, an indicative zoning plan, and 3D artist impression images and video.


LocationFlores, East Nusa Tenggara

ClientBadan Otorita Pariwisata Labuan Bajo Flores (BOPLBF)

Project Details