Urban Guerrilla #4 HERITAGE

This is our 4th projects of intervening the cities through education. As one of the pioneer of Jaringan Kota Pusaka Indonesia (Indonesian Heritage Cities Network), Solo has been preparing to implement its macro concept “Solo Masa Depan adalah Solo Masa Lalu” (Solo in the Future is Solo in the Past) by revitalizing the old buildings and historic sites in the city. According to that, Employee Engagement Team of PT AECOM Indonesia and Urban Guerrilla are keen to be part of the mission by sharing our expertise and experience to raise citizen’s awareness of the existence of heritage buildings/sites within their city. We introduce “Solo Heritage Walk” event, which invites school children in doing participatory mapping to indicate the heritage buildings in their district and creating model to illustrate their imagination of the district in the future on the next day. We hope that through this methodology, the children can be introduced to heritage in a more fun way.